About CloudCart Academy

Our mission is to give profound knowledge to everybody who wants to develop their skills in the digital world up to an expert level, so we can contribute to giving the people more opportunities for progress in the e-commerce and digital marketing.


We are focusing on providing opportunities for all students who strive to develop practical skill in the digital field, and we are dedicated to giving all student high-quality training from the top experts in Bulgaria in the e-commerce, marketing, and optimization.
As a company with deep expertise in the digital world, our Foundation “E-learning Academy” is dedicated to developing the local market in e-commerce in Bulgaria that is constantly growing and needs more and more experts in the field. The form of our training is remote, which makes the Academy accessible to anyone who strives to receive the specialized training.
“E-learning Academy” is a non-profit organization with an ideal goal and all of our training are completely for free. Each student can receive a certificate that is accredited and validated by CloudCart Academy.
Each student will be assigned with a certificate after the successful completion of a remote exam. Moreover, after the certification, we will create an expert profile in the cloudcart.com experts’ database for all students, which will give them access to private seminars, subsequent training (and job opportunities).
Each expert will have the opportunity to develop its private activities, to advice, to train, to set up and manage online stores to its partners in ClaudCart platform, and to get paid for its services. Moreover, this leads to our second main big goal: to give every student the opportunity and possibilities to earn its living by him/herself after our complete free training.
In the CloudCart Academy program we have enriched several significant key areas that each expert-candidate must cover:

  1. Foundational technical features of the ClaudCart platform
  2. Optimal settings of the online store according to certain niche indicators.
  3. Foundations of Search Engine Optimization
  4. Marketing techniques to market an online store
  5. The content of the online store – text, pictures, banners, logos and more.

Another major goal of the “E-learning Academy” is to associate proven specialists in the field of e-commerce and digital marketing and to give the students the possibility for free practical education at the highest standards in the industry.
Currently the team of the “E-learning Academy” consists of top practitioners and teachers with proven expertise in the digital field in Bulgaria and abroad.

Peter Iliev – E-commerce Expert and Digital Marketing.
Nikolay Iliev – Digital Marketing Expert and Customer service
Boyan Moskov – Digital Marketing Expert

Our mission is to give ultimate knowledge to anyone who wants to develop profound skills in the digital sphere so we can provide more opportunities for progress to the people who want to make a career in the limitless digital world.